3 Golden rules…..

“Who is helping you, Don’t FORGET them.”

“Who is loving you, Don’t HATE them.”

“Who is trusting you, Don’t CHEAT them.”


Be Careful With Your Words

“Be Careful With Your Words

Once They Are Said ,

They Can Only Be

Forgiven But Never

Forgotten … !!!”

When you get little you want more

“When you get little you want more, when you get more you desire even more,

but when you lose it you realize little was enough.. Be ...

You can’t always please everybody

“You can’t always please everybody,

but you can do what makes you happy

and just hope that those around you

will be happy for you.”

Best Love Quote

Once you find TRUE LOVE, Don’t expect to find it again so hold on to it, Hug it, Embrace it While you have it.

I wish ...

Always try to represent yourself happy

Always try to represent yourself ‘Happy’,

Because, Initially it becomes your ‘look’,Gradually, it becomes your ‘habit’ & finally, it becomes your ‘personality’!


Most inspirational – what is dream


सपने वे नहीं होते, जो सोते समय दिखते हों, बल्कि सपने तो वे होते हैं, जो इंसान को सोने न दे। सोते समय देखा जाने ...

best attitude quote in english

all birds find shelter during the rain,but Eagle avoids rain by flying above the clouds,problems are common, but attitude makes the difference.



Love Whatsapp status

Aaj to hum khub rulayenge unhe, Suna hai use rote hue lipat jane ki aadat hai !

Sirf tune hi kadhi mujko apna na samja, Jamana ...

Inspiration Quotes of Narendra Modi

"माना कि अंधेरा घना है,
लेकिन दीया जलाना कहॉं मना है!’’

This country has not been made by politicians, kings or governments. It has been made ...
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