PVC Furniture Sheet

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PVC Furniture Sheet

Product Overview: PVC Furniture Sheets are versatile, high-quality plastic sheets specifically designed for the furniture industry. Made from polyvinyl chloride, these sheets offer a wide range of textures, colors, and finishes, enabling the creation of stunning and durable furniture pieces.

Manufacturing Process: The production of PVC Furniture Sheets involves the extrusion of PVC material through a series of rollers that shape, cool, and cut the sheets to desired sizes. Advanced techniques allow for the incorporation of various colors, patterns, and textures, including wood grain, marble, and metallic finishes.

Family: PVC Furniture Sheets are part of the broader family of PVC products, which are known for their durability, resistance to chemicals, water, and fire, as well as their adaptability to a wide range of applications in the construction and furnishing industries.

Uses: These sheets are widely used in making cabinets, wardrobes, kitchen shutters, bathroom doors, and wall paneling. Their ease of fabrication makes them ideal for custom-designed furniture, retail fixtures, and interior design elements.


Production Method and Shelf Life: PVC Furniture Sheets are manufactured using extrusion and calendaring processes, ensuring uniform thickness and quality. When stored properly, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures, PVC sheets have an extensive shelf life, retaining their properties and appearance for years.

International Names: The product name “PVC Furniture Sheet” is widely recognized; however, it may also be referred to as “PVC Laminates” or “Decorative PVC Sheets” in different markets.

Product Name:PVC Furniture Sheet
Country of Origin :India
Shelf Life :Indefinite with proper handling
Packaging Type:as per buyer requirement
Preferred Buyer Location:Worldwide

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