Hydrochloric Acid

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Hydrochloric Acid

Product Overview: Hydrochloric Acid, a strong, colorless acid also known as muriatic acid, is a crucial chemical reagent and industrial chemical used across a wide range of applications. Characterized by its pungent smell and highly corrosive properties, Hydrochloric Acid is essential in the production of chlorides, fertilizers, and dyes, as well as in the metal processing and oil refining industries. It is also employed in the cleaning of metals, pH regulation in various processes, and even in the food industry for its ability to process and clean food products.

Manufacturing Process:  Hydrochloric Acid is predominantly produced by the chlorination of organic chemicals with subsequent hydrolysis, or as a byproduct of the chlor-alkali process, which produces chlorine and sodium hydroxide. These methods ensure a consistent and high-quality supply of Hydrochloric Acid for industrial use.

Family:  As a member of the mineral acids, Hydrochloric Acid stands out for its strong acidic properties, making it invaluable in chemical synthesis, pH control, and the processing of materials requiring acid treatment.

Uses: Hydrochloric Acid’s applications span several industries, including:
Production Method and Shelf Life: Produced through advanced industrial processes, Hydrochloric Acid maintains its purity and efficacy, ensuring its role as a key component in various applications. It should be stored in appropriate containers to prevent release of fumes and degradation.
International Names: While “Hydrochloric Acid” is the commonly used term, it may also be known as muriatic acid in certain applications or industries.
Product Name :Hydrochloric Acid
Country of Origin :India
Shelf Life :5 years, properly sealed
Packaging Type:as per buyer requirement
Preferred Buyer Location:Worldwide

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