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Olivem 900

Product Overview: Olivem 900 is a sophisticated, olive-derived ingredient known for its unique ability to provide deep moisturization and enhance the texture and stability of cosmetic formulations. Functioning as a co-emulsifier and structuring agent, Olivem 900 is particularly valued for its compatibility with a wide range of cosmetic oils, contributing to the creation of luxurious, rich creams, balms, and makeup products. Its natural origin makes it an ideal choice for formulators looking to develop products with a focus on green beauty and sustainability.
Manufacturing Process: The production of Olivem 900 involves the esterification of olive oil fatty acids, resulting in a compound that exhibits excellent emulsifying and structuring properties. This process ensures that Olivem 900 retains the nourishing benefits of olive oil while providing functional advantages in cosmetic formulations, such as improved product consistency and stability.
Family: As part of the Olivem line of olive-derived ingredients, Olivem 900 is celebrated for its effectiveness in natural and organic cosmetic formulations. It embodies the nurturing properties of olive oil, combined with innovative technology to meet the demands of modern skincare and makeup products.
Uses: Olivem 900 is widely used in the formulation of anhydrous balms, lipsticks, buttery creams, and makeup products. It excels in enhancing product texture, providing a smooth, silky feel, and facilitating the uniform dispersion of pigments and active ingredients.
Production Method and Shelf Life: Produced through a controlled esterification of olive oil components, Olivem 900 maintains its quality and efficacy with a stable shelf life of up to 2 years when stored properly in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.
International Names: While “Olivem 900” is the commonly used term, it may be referred to by its INCI name or other designations in different regions or under specific regulatory guidelines.

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