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Benzophenone-4 (Sulisobenzone)

Product Overview: Benzophenone-4, commonly referred to as Sulisobenzone, is a synthetic organic compound utilized as a broad-spectrum UV filter. Capable of absorbing both UVA and UVB radiation, it plays a crucial role in sun protection formulations to safeguard the skin and hair from the damaging effects of solar exposure.
Manufacturing Process: The synthesis of Benzophenone-4 involves a complex chemical reaction process that combines sulfonyl chloride with benzophenone derivatives. This meticulously controlled process yields a UV-absorbing compound noted for its water solubility, a distinctive feature that enhances its efficacy in sun care products.
Family: As a member of the benzophenone family, Sulisobenzone is recognized for its broad-spectrum UV protection capabilities. Its solubility in water sets it apart from other benzophenones, enabling its use in a wide array of cosmetic and personal care formulations.
Uses: Benzophenone-4 is extensively used in sunscreen lotions, sprays, and gels, as well as in daily skincare products that incorporate SPF protection. Its water-soluble nature makes it particularly suitable for water-resistant sunscreens. Additionally, it finds applications in hair care products to prevent UV-induced fading of dyed hair.
Production Method and Shelf Life: Produced through advanced chemical synthesis, Benzophenone-4 boasts a stable shelf life of up to 2 years when stored properly in a cool, dry environment, away from direct sunlight.
International Names: Known primarily as Sulisobenzone, Benzophenone-4 may be labeled under different names in various countries, adhering to local cosmetic ingredient naming conventions.

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